Why Use European Switchboard Components


At Western Controls we have always believed quality is the number one consideration for switchboards. While some clients want to use the cheaper Korean components, we have continued to promote European for those clients that need quality.

Our Clients Require Quality

Our clients in the mining, oil and gas industries work in harsh conditions particularly those in the northern parts of Australia. They need the highest quality parts available to survive the extreme weather.

If a part breaks and mining operations have to stop for as little as an hour or two, the lost opportunity cost is massive. The mining, oil and gas industries appreciate that spending more up-front can save them a fortune further down the line when the component is on site and needs replacing.   

Our Clients Require Safety

For some clients, they are willing to pay a premium for high-quality parts to ensure the safety of their employees and contractors. Some of our government and mining clients have told us that when it comes to anything electrical, safety comes first. When accidents or equipment failure occurs, it can have deadly consequences.   

It’s Our Reputation

Western Controls has been in business for more than 30 years. We are well-known as experts in the field providing the highest quality products. We aren’t willing to risk our reputation by sending work off-shore. Our staff have the skills and expertise that can’t be replicated in an Asian factory. Western Controls stakes its reputation on every job we so we need full quality control.   

Without supplying high-quality components and staff, Western Controls would not have been successful at gaining a place on a government panel designed to limit the number of suppliers recognised to build Categorised Switchboards. Western Controls was the only company to be listed on all four groups of the panel based on product size, range and type.  

Why European Components are so Good

European parts have a number of advantages over their cheaper Korean parts. Western Controls uses the CUBIC Modular Switchboard Systems from Denmark in the Motor Control Centres, Main Switchboards and VSC enclosure designs.


Founded in 1974, Skema’s mission was to become a leading international player in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of medium and low voltage switchgears and MCCs. Skema is now geared towards the oil and gas industry and is considered the number one provider to international oil and gas and engineering companies.

Western Controls and SKEMA (Italy) formed a partnership in March 2009 to provide a Type Tested Switchboard plus sales and service to the oil and gas industry.


CUBIC was founded in 1973 with a unique idea for a modular system for electrical switchboards and panel boards for the distribution of low voltage power. Their innovative approach has continued through the years and they are now recognised partners within electromechanics worldwide. Their product range is impressive and can supply any type of enclosure for switchboards.  CUBIC’s focus has always been on quality, reliability, relations, and concept of products.

Western Controls was accredited as a Level 3 builder of CUBIC modular switchboard systems in August 2006.

Western Controls values the relationships it has built with its European suppliers. We firmly believe that the components are superior to most of their competitors.

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